Accessible InDesign + PDF: Step-by-Step

Accessible InDesign + PDF: Step-by-Step
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Accessible InDesign + PDF: Step-by-Step.

How to build accessibility features into Adobe InDesign layout files and export accessible PDFs.

Developed by an award-winning graphic designer and accessibility geek, this book teaches the process of using InDesign to create accessible PDFs of all types: books, marketing materials, brochures, magazines, whatever your creative mind can conceive.

Bevi Chagnon walks you through the publishing workflow to create design projects that export to accessible PDFs. She's an accomplished teacher at college and university design programs, and has decades of hands-on experience in publishing, graphics design, and digital media. Bevi is an Adobe Community Professional, actively contributing on Adobe's public forums. And she's an accessibility expert and contributor to international accessibility standards.

Her workbook guides you from start to finish on how to create InDesign projects with built-in accessibility requirements, such as tags, reading orders, and Alt-text. Plus, you learn her insights and strategies to make accessible PDFs as efficiently as possible. Bevi has a clear writing style that explains why certain tasks and techniques are needed for accessibility.


  • How to work with MS Word files
  • Setting up the document and master pages
  • Importing (placing) text files in the layout, and controlling story threads and text frames
  • Formatting with styles: body text, headings, tables, captions, and more
  • Setting tags for accessibility
  • Working with graphics and adding Alt-text
  • Making accessible tables
  • Creating accessible tables of content
  • Formatting accessible hyperlinks
  • Exporting the tagged, accessible PDF
  • Checking the PDF for compliance with the PDF/UA-1 standards

The 200+page workbook is designed and spiral-bound to lay flat on your desk as you work, keeping the reference guide and screen captures handy as you build your design project.

  • Large, clear screen captures so you can see the settings in InDesign's dialogue boxes.
  • Includes a section on exporting accessible PDFs, and checking them in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  • Appendix includes Bevi's Guide to Styles (and their settings), checklists, how-to guides, and other helpful tools for designers.

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Title: Accessible InDesign + PDF: Step-by-Step

ISBN: 978-1-7355107-0-5

Author: Bevi Chagnon

pp. 235

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