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Handy Resources and Tools

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508 Accessibility Compliance
Links to information and guidelines, accessible PDFs...

Website Development
HTML character chart, web-safe colors, links to script websites, search engines...

Desktop Publishing & Digital Media
ANCii character chart, software review, all things PostScript, service bureaus, prepping files, how-tos...

Service Bureaus
Some DC-area service bureaus that accept Windows DTP files

Links to resellers, system fonts

System fonts
Windows and Macintosh

Stock photos
Links to resellers

Stock illustrations
Links to resellers

Paper houses, local paper stores

Special software tools
Maps, postage & BRM, image masking, database publishing...

About copyright
Copyright free, Royalty free, Limited use, and other topics...



All Things PostScript
PS compliance for printing industry, PS fonts, PS printers, how to install PS printers...

Government Agencies
Special information for government agencies

Bevi's Favorite Books
Website design, graphic design, desktop publishing, and where to buy them!

Where to Buy Cheap Stuff!
Software, academic versions, PANTONE supplies, hardware...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hardware and Software Recommendations
Workstation specks, printers, connecting Macs on PC LANs...

DC-area Professional Associations
For website developers, graphic designers, publishers...

Design schools
DC area and US

Nonprofit organizations
Tools, software discounts, and other resources

Other links
Software companies, CD duplicators, Internet reference websites, Acobat PDF...

   PubCom's mini-tutorials and articles

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Publication Production Time and Task Allocation Gantt Chart (88K PDF document)
Of course it simply isn’t possible to define a “typical” schedule for a publication. PubCom's exclusive chart does not (cannot!) show time frames, since the amount of time to complete a four-page brochure versus a 300-page book would vary far too widely. What you can learn from this chart is the relative amount of time needed for various steps in comparison with one another. It also clarifies where in the production workflow the different tasks are performed, their sequence, and who performs them.

Bevi's Rules of Thumb for Estimating Design and Desktop Publishing (96K PDF document)
This handy sheet spells out the various tasks necessary to complete a print publication, and estimated time necessary to complete. Invaluable for planning!

Best Practices: Publishing Production & Schedules (200K PDF document)
"Getting a publication into print requires a team of trained professionals who know not only how to do the tasks, but also how to juggle the many responsibilities needed to get the job done. Here are some guidelines that can help you meet your deadlines, stay within your budget, and keep your sanity!"

Why You Should Use PostScript® and PostScript® Printers

Installing PostScript Printers and Drivers (Windows)

What Does Royalty-Free Mean? (an explanation of the differences between stock and royalty-free photography and illustration)

Taking a Look at Using Clip Art

An Overview of TrueType and PostScript® Type 1 Fonts

Designating Fonts 101 (understanding the how's and why's of choosing fonts to avoid output problems)

Checking Your Monitor's Color Resolution
Following the simple steps in our quick article will ensure that you're seeing the most accurate color.

Importing EPS graphics into Pagemaker (Windows)

12 for 508 PDFs — Simple steps for creating accessible PDFs.


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