For Government Agencies

100% made in the U S A.PubCom is an SBA-certified small woman-owned business with 35 years experience in the government sector. PubCom is a US corporation and our employees are US citizens. Some contractors are Canadian citizens.

All of our digital files are stored on US-based servers. All our workbooks and products are made in the USA.

How to contract with PubCom

There are many ways to contract for PubCom's services. We are flexible and will design a contract that meshes with your agency's procurement requirements.:

  • Direct contract or purchase order with PubCom
  • Government credit card
  • GPO SPA (Small Purchase Agreement, see sidebar at right)
  • GPO Print and Services Procurement department

Our GSA, GPO and other Govt Certifications

  • PubCom is also listed in the SAM (CCR, cage code #3FNF3),
  • PubCom is also a registered GPO contractor and has GPO SPAs (small purchasing agreements) with several regional offices.

Contact us for our current list of GPO SPAs.


We match or beat our competitor's GSA pricing. Contact us for our current government pricing list for ongoing PubCom training lab classes, group on-site classes at your agency, and for consulting, design, development, and other services.

Contact us for our current fee schedule for government.

Contracts, Prime and Sub

We work directly with government agencies through purchase orders and contracts, or as subcontractors under larger prime contractors.

We can create either a short- or long-term contract, or use a government purchase order. And we accept both Visa and MasterCard government credit cards.

Federal IDs

To receive our federal employer ID number (EIN), Maryland state ID number, Maryland reseller license, or EFT/ACH (electronic funds transfer) bank information, please contact PubCom directly.

We also are registered in many states.

Contact us for our FEIN and state contractor registrations.

Service and Product Codes

PubCom is classified under the following product and services codes for federal and Montgomery County (MD) agencies.

2007 NAICS codes
323122 Prepress Services (typesetting)
511110 Newspaper Publishers
511120 Periodical Publishers (newsletters, magazines, journals, textbooks)
511130 Book Publishers (books, technical manuals, paperback books)
511140 Directory and Mailing List Publishers
511191 Greeting Card Publishers
511199 All Other Publishers (posters, postcards, brochures)
519130 Internet Publishing, Broadcasting, and Web Search Portals (newsletters, magazines, and newspapers)
518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (computer input preparation services, data processing, optical scanning, web hosting)
541430 Graphic Design Services (art services, art studios, independent graphic artists, illustration, visual communication design, corporate identification design services, graphic artists)
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services, (web page design, computer software support services, custom programming services)
541512 Computer Systems Design Services (computer hardware consulting services or consultants, computer software consulting services or consultants, systems integration consulting services) 
541519 Other computer Related Services (software installation)
541613 Marketing Consulting Services (marketing consulting services, sales management consulting services, customer service management consulting services)
541810 Advertising Agency
541850 Display Advertising
541860 Direct Mail Advertising
541922 Commercial Photography
Document Preparation Services (desktop publishing services, editing, proofing, word processing services
561990 All Other Support Services (printing brokers)
611420 Computer Training
611430 Professional and Management Development Training (quality assurance training, management development training)
611519 Other Technical and Trade Schools (graphic arts school, photography school)
611610 Fine Arts Schools (training in art, design, photography)
711510 Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers (advertising writers, technical writers, cartoonists)
Product Service Codes (PSC Codes)
D308 ADP Programming Svcs
R302 ADP Systems Development & Programming
T001 Arts, Graphics
R419  Professional Services / Educational Services
T016 Audio/Visual Services
7610 Books & Pamphlets
R426  Professional Services / Communication Services
R421  Professional Services / Technical Assistance
R498  Other Professional Services
H976  Other QC Services / Books-Maps-Publications
T002  Cartography
T004  Charting
D315 Digitizing Services
R799  Other Management Support Services
SIC Codes Standard Industrial Classification
Montgomery County Small Business Codes
20732 Computer Instructional Aids and Training Devices
92416 Course Development Services, Instructional Training
91838 Education and Training, Consulting
92435 In-Service Training (for employees)
95290 Training and Instruction (for clients, not staff)
95685 Training Material Subscriptions
90735 Designing Services 
90640 Graphic Design - Architectural
96546 Graphic Design Services for Printing
96530 Desk Top Publishing Services
20839 Desktop Publishing 
20940 Desktop Publishing
92007 Applications Software for Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical
20820 Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, Etc.
91829 Computer Software Consulting
20800 Computer Software for Microcomputers (preprogrammed)
91551 Information Highway Electronic Services (Internet, etc.)

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