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Technologists for Accessible Design + Publishing

Everything we do is 100% accessible.

Nothing less.

We've been doing "accessibility" for a long time, for more than 25 years, and have the deep experience to help you achieve your accessible publishing goals.  "" See our history.

Turning letter blocks that spell exclusion to inclusion.

Are you …

A designer?

A writer or editor?

The director or manager of publishing, marketing, or communications?

An IT manager or website deverloper?

Whether you're an individual freelancer, a MarCom or publishing department, or a government agency,  "" learn how we can work with you to achieve your accessible publishing goals.

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We teach how to fish

Our employees, contract specialists, and strategic partners are the best in the industry, dedicated to sharing their expertize with you.

We all have relatives and friends with disabilities, or have a disability ourselves, so we're passionate about making the world as accessible as possible, starting with our own work.

We teach what we do. And we like teaching people how to fish. That knowledge will last you a lifetime.

"" See our short slidedeck about how we help publishers.

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In addition to our design, development and accessibility remediation services, we spend a good portion of our time teaching you how to do it through our classes, on-site customized training, consulting, and technical support.

Our motto: We want to work ourselves out of a job.

It's true. We want to train and advise you so well that you become fully adept at making accessible documents and don't need us again.

That's our goal.

Good thing we love what we do because with a motto like that, we're not going to retire any time soon!

Drop us a line when you want to fish. Or make accessible documents.

"" Tell us how we can help.